"Great Leaders don't tell you what to do, they show you how it's done."

Since November of 2014, KeepItCleanSB has strived to create greater environmental awareness in order to preserve our Earth for generations to come. We believe that it takes a community to improve a community; therefore we have laid our grass roots at home in the beautiful Santa Barbara County. In order to create global change you must first educate the individual and change the way one lives everyday life. Our clean-ups of beaches, creeks, neighborhoods and metropolitan areas educate and put into perspective just how much we negatively impact the environment with improper disposal of waste. The local volunteers we recruit share in our mission to lead future generations by example, and ultimately change the world!

Keepin' it Clean Since 2014!

Keepitcleansb@gmail.com | 805.636.9931

Special Report: A close up look at some of the 'Do-Gooders' around us daily

They help those in need and clean up trashed areas

by: John Palminteri

“Standing Rock March” Hosted by Keep It Clean SB 2016

Keep It Clean SB // March For Standing Rock

Location: Santa Barbara, Ca. Estimated Turnout: 250 - 300 People


Spirit Of Service Award 2016

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